Another World
Jiří David, Otis Laubert, Vladimír Ossif, Rudolf Sikora
curated by Silvia Van Espen
13 December 2012 – 9 February 2013

„Another World“ is and is not an exhibition about the end of the world, who knows whether it will happen at all.
It´s not about the inspiration by Eric Chahi’s computer game.
There’s no religion, spiritual vision or political slogan behind it.

The title is taken from the Antony & the Johnsons song:
I need another place/ Will there be peace/ I need another world/ This one’s nearly gone/ Still have too many dreams/ Never seen the light/ I need another world/ A place where I can go/ I’m gonna miss the sea/ I’m gonna miss the snow/ I’m gonna miss the bees/ I miss the things that grow/ I’m gonna miss the trees/ I’m gonna miss the sun/ I miss the animals/ I’m gonna miss you all/ I need another place/ Will there be peace/ I need another world/ This one’s nearly gone/ I’m gonna miss the birds/ Singing all their songs/ I’m gonna miss the wind/ Been kissing me so long
Another world/Another world/Another world/Another world

The exhibition connects the need of the authors to grasp the world around with their desire for different world, a “melange” which is taking away even us as participating audience. It is about the meeting of the authors who have never met. It gets together what is, perhaps, impossible to put together: artists as different as Jiří David, Otis Laubert, Vladimír Ossif and Rudolf Sikora.
Jiří David is bringing a fallen anjel with a quotation of Karl Marx on his torso: „ The problem is not to get free of our illusions. The problem is to get free of the situations requiring illusions…“
Otis Laubert is an admirable collector of objects of „daily use“, giving them new meaning by assemblying them. He is presenting a candle object „Potential fire is freezing me, too“
Diptych of Vladimír Ossif is of New York series. Through this abstract painting the author transforms his own experience with moving to a new place, changing the environment which he considers as indispensable for his life and work.
Rudolf Sikora creates a painting by transponding his personal events, observations and quotations by people of his „surrounding“ into a fictitious countryside. This is his new series of work, one of which will be displayed on the exhibition.