Sara ZAHORJANOVÁ (1991 Slovakia)
Lives and works in Paris, France


2011 – 2012 Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava / Painting department
2012 – 2018 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague
2019 – 2020 Studio residence in Paris


2022 Shortlisted finalist STRABAG Artaward International 2022, Vienna, Austria
2022 Finalist VÚB Painting Of The Year held by VÚB Bank, Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Received The Extra Award / A special prize selected by the jury


2023 EQUILIBRIUM, solo exhibition curated by Terezie Nekvindová, Stará čistírna v Bubenči, Prague, Czech Rep.
2022 solo exhibition Soft Substance, Galeria 19, Bratislava, Slovak Republic
2022 STRABAG Artaward Catalogue, STRABAG
2019 220 places AVU, Academy of Fine Arts in Prague
2018 Another Place, Catalogue of graduates, Academy of Fine Arts in Prague