Jakub CHOMA (1995, Slovakia)
Lives and works in Prague, Czech Rep.

2010 – 2014 Secondary School of Applied Art Kosice – Slovakia
2014 – 2023 AAAD Prague, painting studio of Jiří Černický and Michal Novotný

2022 – Residency Unlimited, New York, USA

2020 – Winner of Jindřich Chalupecký Award 2020, PLATO, Ostrava, CZ

Helmut Marko Art Collection
Pekelné sáně Art Collection
Havrlant Art Collection
National Gallery Prague, Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art
Patka Family Art Collection

Solo exhibitions

2024 We Are Smelly, Atomised, Chemical, Vanilla, curated by Eva Slabá, Galerie Smečky, Prague, Czech Rep.
2024 Cold Cord, Basement Studio, Olomouc, Czech Rep.
2022 Childishly Fresh Eyes, Zaazrak Dornych, Brno, Czech Rep.
2021 Distant Hum, NoD, Prague, Czech Rep.
2019 Resilience, Editorial, Vilnius, Lithuania
2018 Stepping on a Lego, Polansky Gallery, Prague, Czech Rep.
2018 Living The Gimmick, VUNU Gallery, Košice, Slovakia
2017 Sleepy Eye,Wasted Time, Via art Gallery, Prague, CZ 2017 – Life for Dummies, Parter, Polansky Gallery, Prague, Czech Rep.

Group exhibitions

2023 J&T BANKA ART INDEX POP-UP, Prague, Czech Rep.
2023 Portal, Holešovická šachta/Clubclub, Prague/Vienna
2023 Flower Union, National Gallery Prague, Prague, Czech Rep.
2023 Meta angel came to me, A.M.180 Gallery, Prague, Czech Rep.
2022 THIS IS A WORLD WHERE NOTHING IS SOLVED, A Promise to Kneropy, Bratislava, Slovakia
2022 SUMO-CO-EXIST 2.0 (simbiosis), Prague House, Brussels, Belgium
2022 Presence, Cuchifritos Gallery, New York, US
2022 Scooter V, Ján Koniarek Gallery, Trnava, Slovakia
2022 Flower Union, Council of the EU, Brussels, Belgium
2022 Borderline Case, MODEM, Debrecen, Hungary
2021 State of High Performance, Basis, Frankfurt, Germany
2021 An Incomplete & Unreliable Guide to Social Media War Room, Georg Kargl, Vienna, AT 2021 – Quantum Fields, East Slovak Gallery, Košice, Slovakia
2021 Cold Case, PGS, Iron Mountains, Czech Rep.
2021 Please, Mind the Gap!, Műtő, Budapest, Hungary
2020 Jindřich Chalupecký Award, Plato, Ostrava, Czech Rep.
2020 Cruel Summer Camp, Exile Gallery, Vienna, Austria
2020 Distopian Realism, Cursor Gallery, Prague, Czech Rep.
2020 Máscaras (Masks), Galeria Municipal do Porto, Porto
2020 Farewell to Melancholy, Holešovická šachta, Prague, Czech Rep.
2019 Friend of a Friend, Polansky Gallery, Czech Rep.
2019 Inner Pockets, Editorial, Vilnius, Lithuania
2019 Swamp Horses, Spirit Vessel, Espinavessa, Spain
2019 EnjoyeTV, Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden
2019 The Hills Have Eyes, Hotdock Project Space, Bratislava, Slovakia
2019 Penetrace, Pragovka Gallery, Prague, Czech Rep.
2019 VDIFF, The Brno House of Arts, Brno, Czech Rep.
2018 Quiet Chamber, Noisy Heart, Holešovická šachta, Prague, Czech Rep.
2018 WET, Haunt Project Space, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2018 SUV organized by Galerie A.M. 180 at Spinnerei Leipzig, Germany
2018 Oчевидное невероятное, 427 Gallery, Riga, Latvia
2018 First I Have to Put My Face On at Foothold, Polignano
2018 Some People Are Worth Melting For, Ginny Projects, Wales, UK
2018 Reflection in a Glass Scorpion, A.M.180 Gallery, Prague, Czech Rep.
2017 Contours arise from cold diode-rays, Horizont Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2017 Hypebeast Vertigo, NTK Gallery, Prague, Czech Rep.
2017 Material 307, DOX – Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague, Czech Rep.
2016 Irreversible Shift, The Brno House of Arts, Brno, Czech Rep.