Vladimír Ossif / Untitled
5 April – 18 May 2013

„Untitled“ exhibition is an overview of the current work of Vladimir Ossif, one of the leading Slovak contemporary painter. He has been recently recognized also internationally:

One Art One World, publication of ArtNow International, USA, included Vladimir Ossif, and

artpress” , French-English magazine published „Painting Today in Slovakia and the Czech Republic” article in March 2013, which also included Vladimir Ossif.

French Institute in Bratislava is organizing „ J´étais à la maison et j´attendais que la pluie vienne“ (I was at home and I was waiting for it to rain) exhibition in April 2013 where Vladimir Ossif will be represented. In this context, ZAHORIAN&co GALLERY has the pleasure to offer his solo exhibition in its premises.

Inspiration finding, absorbing colors from environment, looking at life from the inner view… These are just few motives transformed into specific paintings of the artist. Ossif presents paintings full of colorful experience, without a name, he doesn’t need to preserve them under any title but rather leaves it on free interpretation, allowing a sort of autonomy from any conflicting feeling in a spectator’s mind endeavoring to connect the title with the painting itself. In this way, the painting preserves its own strength while depicting a specific situation as perceived by the author at the very moment.
Ossif creates compositions consisting of several elements: sometimes dominant color areas are cut by sharp lines of different colors, or there are bended lines crossing the area of a painting, sometimes crossing the limit of a frame… He uses circle, too, as a link between different lines, a sort of roundabout where he identifies the correct new direction for his brush as if it were “ an arrow in the map” indicating a future direction and travel for new visual experience. Sometimes he places a circle in the very center of a painting, attracting the attention to a specific point with a strong “genius loci”.
The atmosphere of the street and the city is being reflected by the technique of spraying applied in a fast, sometimes erratic manner. In this way, he gets into the world of art vandalism, he intentionally attacks his own painting with a gestic spraying, giving it a new energy, with an idea in the sense of “tagu”, a signature of an author without a name or just a free interpretation. In this way, the painting is becoming a map of “palimpsest” type, reflecting Ossif’s experience gradually expanding and interpreted.